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Will you take me by the hand

(you can be my partner in crime)

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This is a journal for all things fanfiction, all courtesy of yours truly. A comeback of sorts, as I've been hibernating for the past three years.
   I myself am a writer, twenty-someting, mostly harmless. Used to be a rabid Weiss kreuz -fangirl back in the day, which is why I still have a soft spot for poor, plotless series.
If you wish to friend me, go ahead. I don't promise to write every day or even every week, and there won't be any long, detailed descriptions of how my day was. Just fiction. Oh, goody.
   Also, I have no plans on locking the entries (at least for now) so if you just want to stalk, feel free.
   As a starving artist, I live for the feedback. No, really, I do. There's nothing that makes me happier than knowing someone actually reads what I write. And egoistic bunch we are, writers. I do not, however, boil you in butter if you prefer to just read and not say anything.
I dislike excessive use of smilies and fangirl-Japanese, unless done in sarcastic intent. English is not my first language, though it occasionally almost feels like it is. I like tea and hate cold, dark winters. Long walks on the beach are boring as hell.